Hyperloop One’s Orlando-Miami Route Would Connect To Seaport

Hyperloop One’s Orlando-Miami Route Would Connect To Seaport

Hyperloop One’s proposed 257-mile route that would be a speedy 26-minute trip, also would call for connections at the Dolphin Mall and Walt Disney World, as Orlando Business Journal previously reported.

The documents also mentioned “Miami Intermodal” as a connection, but did not specify details. However, there’s a multimodal hub now under construction by Brightline’s Coral Gables-based parent company, All Aboard Florida.

Director of Miami-Dade’s Department of Transportation and Public Works Alice Bravo is leading the Florida Hyperloop team. She said in Hyperloop One’s video that Florida has been looking at high-speed transportation solutions for at least 20 years. “We have a strong connection between the theme park business in Orlando and the cruise ship industry in Florida plus the movement with perishable goods,” Bravo said in the video, adding that the connection will benefit bothmega cities with resources and intellectual capital.

The blog also states that Hyperloop One can boost Miami’s 18 cruise lines that hold the world record for number of cruise passengers. And with Hyperloop One, visitors at Disney World also could take a cruise from Miami all in one week without losing a day to travel between the two cities.

Orlando International Airport executives have not yet been contacted by Hyperloop One and have no knowledge of the project as it relates to the airport, Carolyn Fennell, public affairs and community relations officer for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, which oversees OIA, previously told OBJ.

The Miami-Orlando Hyperloop One route is one of 11 proposed routes in the U.S. for the autonomous train concept created by SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The Los Angeles-based, privately funded company founded in 2004 is the only firm in the world building a functional Hyperloop system. It moves both freight and people in what is called “pods” in the fully autonomous and enclosed structure. Hyperloop One plans to hold its public tests in 2017. The goal is to have three systems in service by 2021.

Other proposed U.S. routes include:

  • Boston-Somerset-Providence (64 miles)
  • Cheyenne-Houston (1,152 miles)
  • Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh (488 miles)
  • Colorado Front Range/Mtn. Network (360 miles)
  • Colorado Front Range (242 miles)
  • Kansas City-St. Louis (240 miles)
  • Los Angeles-San Diego (121 miles)
  • Reno-Las Vegas (454 miles)
  • Seattle-Portland (173 miles)
  • Texas Triangle (640 miles)



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